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Assemblée générale sma 2019
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Assemblée générale sma 2019
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Assemblée générale sma 2019


Atonio PORCELLATO, Supérieur Général - François de Paul HOUNGUE, Vicaire Général - Rozario FRANCIS, Conseiller Général - Krzysztof PACHUT, Conseiller Général

Visite to the pope / visite au pape

soleil"They brought back all that God had done with them and how He had opened to the nations the door of faith."

I find this expression very beautiful: what God had done with them and they open the door of faith ... the disciples testify of the living Christ by their new way of living, dynamic and joyful, announcing the Gospel.

They transmit the treasure that is revealed in them in a surprising way. We can do all the “do it” that we want, if there is no experience of faith as meeting Christ who gives us a new life, it will not help much!
We, the SMA, are also the living sign of what God has done "with us"! It's been over 160 years since the first SMA fathers walked the African soil. Communities were born, elders were installed, first catechists and then the local clergy. Today, most of the missionaries here are children of the work of these missionaries or rather of God with them. We say thank you to God for the work done by the hands of our predecessors. Our witness is all the stronger because we come now from four continents. May our international missionary fraternity, which is also dynamic and joyous, already be a sign in itself. We must continue to recruit in our old entities, if only to make our witness more universal and true.
I often went to the bishopric of N'Dali to receive groups of Europeans who came to help. Almost always the bishop made a speech to say to these Europeans: “you, the whites, you brought us the most precious thing for us, the faith”. These people were rather expecting gratitude for their solar panels or hospital beds or compressors for digging the wells or whatever ... They were a little taken aback by the words of the bishop, who nevertheless spoke very sincerely ... You tell us we brought the most beautiful thing you could imagine, faith! Mission is especially trying to convey the value of this treasure!
In the first reading, the disciples set up churches, entrust them to others, and then go further. The words of bishop de Brésillac go well in this sense when he criticizes those who settle ... Two years ago, during the religious day, in Milan, Pope Francis said that we must be "process launchers!” People who put a movement in motion; he added that in history, the religious too often tend to want to lock everyone in an institution. Evangelization is an open process that escapes us continually.
In this Gospel, Jesus tells us: "Love one another as I have loved you, by this everyone will know that you are my disciples ". Communion and Mission go together. In every people, every culture, the way of loving is different, one could say in every state of life.
When I was studying spirituality at the Jesuit University in Madrid, a professor asked us to give our definition of love. We were 35 priests, two sisters and two laymen. Everyone came with a definition, often a little intellectual. But a married woman spoke saying we knew nothing about it. For her, to love is to be close to someone at the same time, not being able to do without it and at the same time wanting to send it for a walk, it is a set of extreme and contrary feelings...
For us missionaries ad gentes, ad extra, ad vitam, what does it mean to love? Jesus speaks of loving as he loved us ... So let's look at his way of doing things...
When one reads the Gospel, one can admire his patience with the disciples; he explains things to them at length and, as soon as they are between them, they argue over who is the greatest! Have we not lived a little of this in mission, patience with people, humility in learning a language or as a stranger in another country ... Jesus shares the life of his disciples with simplicity, joy and sometimes adversity. Jesus trust them, he sends them to meet him, he gives them power over disease and the spirits ... It seems that, although he knows the weaknesses of each, he sees in each of them a huge potential. Finally, he forgives them, and it is in pardon that Jesus confirms Peter as the leader of the apostles and sends him on a mission. To be patient, to forgive, to share life in simplicity, to trust beyond what was thought possible, and here we have all the missionary spirituality in a single volume.
In our assembly, there is an expression that used to be common but it is not heard these days: the love of the Mission; this rather irrational attitude based on our experience that we want to continue to the end to announce the Gospel because we feel pushed to that, because it exceeds us and we find its joy ... This joy, is also made of all those little moments where we feel our poverty in the face of the magnitude of the task, of this way of living with patience and humility that we end up loving as a smoker loves his cigarette after breakfast ; those moments that are part of ourselves ... May the Lord help us to live the Mission from the bottom of our heart.