Assemblée générale sma 2019
messe d'action de grâce
Assemblée générale sma 2019
passation de la flamme
Assemblée générale sma 2019
Le nouveau Supérieur Général
Assemblée générale sma 2019


Atonio PORCELLATO, Supérieur Général - François de Paul HOUNGUE, Vicaire Général - Rozario FRANCIS, Conseiller Général - Krzysztof PACHUT, Conseiller Général

Visite to the pope / visite au pape

assembleeFor the assembly we have come together with great hope because we are using new methodology for the first time, which is exciting and this process began well before the assembly. It was with the methodology and discernment.

The general council decided to have a preparatory group and I was part of it. We started preparing the wider sma for our assembly. The process was to engage all the members from various countries, regions and provinces. This process is very simple it includes the various headings the mission, formation, spirituality, leader ship and finance. There was a great response for that. We set out the questions and asked people to respond to that. We synthesized all the responses and we came out with a book. In this we find the various responses that wishes the success in various domains. It helps the dream to continue with our charism which is mission ad gentes and ad extra. We are happy about the responses because all the units made the efforts to be part of it. And when we gathered in Rome, the facilitators are helping us to discuss in groups. There two stages taking the dreams and creating the design and looking forward eventually how it’s going to be active. Because it is new and challenging which are exciting and beginning to bear fruit and to shape in 2025.

 My own experience is positive and I have been in these assemblies, first time I came as a geust when I was in Togo, delegate from our province and as a facilitator. So I can see the transition moment of the SMA it’s development and meeting new challenges of mission. There is great sense of togetherness and great sharing of different views which would engage all of us by the guidelines of the facilitators.