Assemblée générale sma 2019
messe d'action de grâce
Assemblée générale sma 2019
passation de la flamme
Assemblée générale sma 2019
Le nouveau Supérieur Général
Assemblée générale sma 2019


Atonio PORCELLATO, Supérieur Général - François de Paul HOUNGUE, Vicaire Général - Rozario FRANCIS, Conseiller Général - Krzysztof PACHUT, Conseiller Général

Visite to the pope / visite au pape

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Afrter the election of the new superior, the assembly celebrated the thanks-giving mass. Fr. Fachtna began the celebration. He carried the light of Mgr. Bresillac accompagned by the dance.

The dancers held the calebasses with the words of our fonder and also from bible written by delegates.
These are the words to wish our news superior by the members of the assembly.
After coming towards the alter Fr.Fachtna gave the light to Fr. Antonio, the new Superior. And he continued the celebration.
Fr. Micheal proposed Fr. Antonio to pick and read some of the words for his homily.
After “our father”, the new superior shared the peace of Christ with all the participants.
After the mass, the people surrounded Fr. Antonio to wish him.
We wish him the very best and may the lord bless him and be with him in his new adventure