Assemblée générale sma 2019
messe d'action de grâce
Assemblée générale sma 2019
passation de la flamme
Assemblée générale sma 2019
Le nouveau Supérieur Général
Assemblée générale sma 2019


Atonio PORCELLATO, Supérieur Général - François de Paul HOUNGUE, Vicaire Général - Rozario FRANCIS, Conseiller Général - Krzysztof PACHUT, Conseiller Général

Visite to the pope / visite au pape

discernAt the second plenary session, the Assembly entered into discernment for the election of the new General Superior.


Led into this exercise by the moderaters, the delegates were invited to come up with three strong ideas that struck them in the various discussions since they arrived. This they were asked to do in their small groups. They were then asked to display them on the conference wall so that everyone could have a look at what other groups had come up with.

Some of the phrases that were retained include; fundamental option for the mission, communion in an international family, Engagement and devotion to mission, Unity and solidarity , Equity, Charism, renewal of mission in the SMA, Lay participation in the SMA( sometimes marginalized), relevance and witness faith inter-culturality, respect and promotion of the qualities of each one, cohesion.

The second part of discernment members were invited to take time and reflect on the qualities that they expected the next General Superior to possess.

Some of the responses that came up include; humility, courage, creative, generous, able, energetic, motivator and inspirer, Unifier, good listener, man of mission and vision, man of faith and prayer, faithful to the missionary charism, support the efforts of autonomy, broaden the SMA family/internationality, attentive to the Holy Spirit, impartial, prophetic decisions, open and appreciative, inner spiritual strength, compassionate, human, consistent, loyal.

At the end of this exercise a member of the assembly asked if it were possible to highlight what the Superior general would expect from those who elected him. However, due to lack of enough time that activity was not carried out.

The third part of discernment took place at the chapel. The celebrant (Fr. Basil) began the mass by inviting the assembly to thank God for the outgoing superior Fr. Fauchna. In his homily, he said that; the choice of David by God as king was one that was not expected. David did not merit his election. All he had was his availability and generosity first to his earthly father by tendering his sheep. Secondly he becomes available to his heavenly Father who does not look at the physical appearance but rather the heart. David did not know he would be king. It is God’s choice. We cannot look at the heart, but we are invited to look beyond the appearance by relying on the Holy Spirit to guide us in our choice of the next General superior.

The gospel draws from the teaching on authority. (Washing of the feet).  The circumstance surrounding this teaching is betrayal. “One of you will betray me”. He concluded that, “All of us here are able to betray and mess the society including myself. All we need is not a perfect man whose qualities we highlighted, but a man who with our prayers and our support will help us to move forward.”

Compiled by Dominic Wabwireh